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Specification For White Hulled Sesame Seeds
• (White Hulled Sesame Seeds)
Physical State: Seeds.
Appearance: Slightly Hard, Flat, Oval, Smooth And Shiny.
Color: Creamy White.
Taste: Characteristic Nutty.
Odor: Faint Nutlike, Free Of Chemical, Rancid, Musty Or Sour Characteristic.
Seed Count: 340 – 375/G.
Off Color Seeds: 200 – 300 / 50g.
Dark Seeds: None.
Metal: None.
Sticks And Other Defects: 150 – 200/ Lb.
Purity: 99.98 – 99.99% Typical.
Chemical Characteristics.
Moisture: <5.0% Typical.
Peroxide Value: <20.0 Meq/Kg.
Protein (N X 5.30): 22 – 25%.
Oil: 48 – 60%  Min.
Microbiological Requirements.
Total Plate Count (Ufc/Gr): <5,000 /G Max.
Yeast & Mold (Ufc/Gr): <100/G Max
Coliform (Mpn/Gr): <100/G.
Salmonella: Negative.
Staph. Aureus (Ufc/Gr): Negative.
E. Coli (Mpn/Gr): Negative.
Defect Action Levels.
Rodent Excreta: 4.0 Mg/Lb Max.
Other Excreta: 1.0 Mg/Lb Max.
Extraneous Matter: 0.5% Max.
Whole Insects: None.
Insect Defiled: 1.0% Max.
Mold: 1.0% Max.
Puffed Seeds: 10% Max.
Packaging: 25kg PP Bag.
Current Price F.O.B: 1,300 U.S.D Per M/T.